The Cracked Slipper Company was formed in 2018 with the idea of bringing communities together through a community pantomime. I don’t think we realised at this point the impact that we would have on the people involved in the performance, those behind the scenes and the general public that enjoyed our first ever performances. We were left with everyone asking for more, and we just knew that we had to give our community more.

The Cracked Slipper Company is all about tackling social issues in today’s society, breaking down barriers and changing perceptions around diversity and equality.  The Cracked Slipper Company aims to tackle some of the social issues through storytelling and providing motivational and empowering workshops.



We’re not simply about putting on great shows (though we do!) or running engaging workshops for all ages/abilities/diversities (though we do!).


We’re about empowering people, bringing together all walks of life within the community to overcome difficulties they may face.

Well-being is at our heart; workshops can be tailored towards particular needs (for example; confidence-building, mental health, esteem etc, as well as the more ‘usual’ drama training such as vocals, physicality, character development etc. The scope is endless!)

There will also be opportunities to perform and our performances highlight the issues faced in modern society (whilst also being highly entertaining!)


More than anything, we give people, whoever they are, whatever their circumstances, the opportunity to have a voice and be part of a social support network to cushion the blows that are sometimes dealt.

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