Our young writers in Hereford have been busy during lockdown!!

On the 23rd of March this year when our Prime Minister announced lockdown, like everyone else “The Cracked Slipper Company” had to put all of our events on hold.

Children in the UK had to stay at home and have virtual lessons and be home schooled by parents.

The Cracked Slipper Company wanted to stay in touch with the community and we wanted to provide young people with an activity that enhanced the continued learning at home but also providing them with a fun and creative project.

We read the entries as they came in, and we were impressed at the talent we have in Hereford.

Grace Jones age 10 came 1st place in her age category for her story “The Myth of the Wicked Well” a beautifully written piece highlighting the fact that not all monsters are what you may think.

Maya Farr aged 9 came second in her age category for her story “ The Abandoned House Next Door” a spooky story that leaves you questioning whether you believe in ghosts, truly spine tingling.

Asher Jenkins age 13 came 1st in her age category for “All Lies no Truths”, a beautifully descriptive piece, with hidden secrets that are revealed in a shocking way.

Jazmin Perez Lefebvre age 14 came 2nd in her age category for “From One to Another” an intriguingly written crime story.

Ellie Lyons age 12 came 3rd in her age category for “Skimming Stones” a very imaginative magical story.


All their stories can be seen here by clicking on their names on the right.


Our overall winner was Levi Townsend who has only just turned 8, for his story “Two Dragons and Two Brothers”

Levi’s passion for writing was inspired by his year 3 teacher who introduced Levi to Tom Fletcher’s “The Christmasaurus”, and since then he has been hooked. Levi’s teacher told him about The Cracked Slipper Company’s writing competition, and he told his Mum he was going to write a book during lockdown.

Levi tells us his story about two brothers Rocco and Levi and their love of Dragons. Levi absolutely loved Dragons and Shadows, whilst Rocco absolutely loved Dragons and Sunlight. A very enlightening story and apparently Levi plans on writing a sequel, Can’t wait.!

All of our winners received prizes and our overall winner Levi will have his story illustrated and made into a little book.

Our Winner of Our recent Writing Contest -

in receivership of his winning story -

A very Happy Boy and Proud Family



CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN Levi Townsend!! - We can't wait for your next Story!