Our Work

Drama 4 Change  A Community Youth Theatre Group for 10 years to 16 years of Age

In 2021 we formed the Community Youth Theatre Group “Drama 4 Change”. “Drama 4 change” is a weekly run free to attend group for 10 years – 16 years of age run by two  drama practitioners. The Drama 4 Change group helps young people to build on confidence and communication  whilst supporting issue-based drama exploring issues that are important to young people and their communities. This group will give young people a voice and the opportunity to promote change and make a difference.

The Drama 4 Change group will produce high quality emotionally engaging productions tackling some of the most challenging issues and difficult topics.


The Knife Angel  June 2021

Drama 4 Change produced an emotive piece for the  arrival of the Knife Angel monument against Violence and Aggression in June 2021. The Cracked Slipper Company worked with The Knife Angel Team Hereford producing a filmed piece for the opening ceremony, providing workshops through out June and a live performance at the closing ceremony. Alison Davies lost her son Mark to knife crime in December 2018 and together with friends Meryl Cain, Pauline Strong and Jan Jefferies, they wanted to raise awareness of the catastrophic impact violent crime has on individuals, families and communities. Drama 4 Change being an issue based drama group felt that it was important for young voices to be heard and they expressed this through the creative piece written and performed by young people.


Centre Stage  

Is a Drama group for Neurodivergent young people aged between 16 and 26 years of age. This group meets weekly  led by two Drama leaders who help young people to express their creative ideas. This group helps young people to create drama learn new skills develop social skills, confidence and self expression through Drama.

This is a free to attend group supported by the Eveson Charitable Trust.

We meet every Wednesday at

Powerhouse in the Maylords

Hereford 5.30pm-7pm



Summer 2020 The Cracked Slipper Company was involved with The Fit and Fed Programme at Hinton Community Centre. We also ran a Campaign workshop with Young people choosing the topic that they wanted to Highlight. The group chose LGBTQ+ and they created a campaign with a film, live performance, and a poster.

Thanks to the Herefordshire Community