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The Two Dragons and The Two Brothers



This story starts like any good story does.
Way, way back in a beautiful colossal cave, dragons existed.
Their kingdom was called, The Majestic World.
Living there the King and Queen of the dragons finally had
The king named the black egg because he was the Shadowmaster.
The queen named the yellow egg because she was the Sungod.
One day a meteor came crashing down at 3656mph!


That was the end of the Majestic World Dragons they were now extinct.
After a few weeks the evil dragons came from their far away land, they stole the

eggs and dropped them into the sea that eventually formed into ice.......



Age 8


The Myth Of the Wicked Well


It was a chilly night at camp shimmer, and everyone was wrapping in their jumpers to keep warm as they hovered their hands and marshmallows over the glowing embers of the fire. Camp leader, Isabelle, motioned for everyone it quieten down for a story.

"Quiet everyone, it's story time!" Isabelle wailed excitedly. "Today, our story is the myth of wicked well…"

This sentence was followed by a mix of excited squeals, nervous gasps, and disappointed moans.

"As the clock strikes midnight on the second day of the second week of the second month of every other year, the water in the wells across England turn into an undrinkable, Inedible galaxy. However, it might be fun and games until a huge monster with razor-sharp fangs and long fur reaches its unthinkably large hand with claws as long as you out the side of the well, then climbs quicker then you think up the mossy walls, and chases you off a cliff until you meet your gruesome end…" Isabelle put a torch under her face at this point. "Don't go looking in the wells on the second day of the second week of the second month of every other year, or else this might be the last time you see my face…"

As everyone ran to their beds in fear of this 'monster', Lilly Jacklin took a look at her watch as she recited in her head, 'the second day, of the second week of the second month…'. Then it hit her. It was the 9/2/21. The second day of the second week of February, 2021. Tonight, she was going to find out if this myth was real, or another one of those fake stories Isabelle always told.




Finally. Lilly took a last look at her watch. 11:47. This should give me time to walk to a well, she thought. After a few minutes, she arrived at a well, on the outskirts of the neighbouring forest. She glanced back down at her watch. 11:58. Two more minutes. Every few seconds she peered into the vast well. As she fought back butterflies, she reminded herself of how stupid this myth was and It was impossible that it was true. One more minute. 55 seconds. Her feet were starting to shake. 43 seconds. she glanced back at her watch. 29 seconds. She wondered what was going on back at camp. 14 seconds. Too late to turn back now. 6 seconds. 3 seconds. 1 second. 12:00.


Nothing was happening. Laughing, Lilly went to walk away. However, her feet seemed glued to the cobbles. What's happening? she thought. Soon, a rumble was heard from the well. Then, emerging from the well, was a hand. It was covered in fur, with claws as long as her whole body. Lilly tried to yell, but her voice seemed to have stopped. She was trapped. She started imagining herself being thrown off the cliff. She started imagining her parents in mourning at her death. As she opened her eyes to face reality again, she was greeted by a monster. It was a gargantuan monster the size of skyscrapers (maybe not that tall, but you get my point,) Its fangs were as long as trees and its feet were as big as buses. But as she rose her head to glance at its eyes, her shivers went away. They were sad and droopy.

"A-a-are you alright?" Lilly stuttered. Suddenly she could move again.

The monster gestured for her to look in the well. She peered down and all that was there, swimming in the fading galaxy, was a picture. Carefully picking it up, she noticed some writing. Joel Hazel. She turned It over to look at the picture. It was a lady standing next to a boy. The monster pointed at he boy in the picture, then at himself.

"That’s you?" Lilly muttered.

The creature nodded. Confused, Lilly pointed at the lady.

"Who's this?" Lilly Inquired.

"Mother…" Grunted the monster.

The monster carved something Into the wooden frame of the well. It read: I need a potion to turn back.

"What do we need to make the potion?"

The monster held up an empty jug and started collecting colourful leaves from around the well. he then scooped some of the water from the well and plucked one of his own hairs out. He then mixed it up with a nearby branch. Without looking up, it pointed at Lilly's hair. Then he carved something else in the tree. I need human hair to finish the potion.

Carefully, Lilly ripped out a few strands of hair. dropping them in, the monster mixed it together again with the branch. Magically, the mixture changed into a rainbow, but certainly didn't smell nice. With his fingers over his nose, the monster gulped down the potion. Black.



Time had passed, as dawn had arrived. Waking up in her sleeping bag, she realised it was probably just a dream. However, she couldn't be more wrong. Isabelle was yelling in her high voice again, and Lilly slowly pulled back the door of her tent. Isabelle was standing next to a boy Lilly didn't recognise. Once everyone was settled down and dressed, Isabelle began to speak.

"Today i have some very special news as we have a new scout!" Isabelle began. "Everyone, this is Joel. Joel Hazel."

So the potion had worked! Lilly glanced at Joel, and as if in reply, he winked as a victory.


Grace Jones Age 10

The Abandoned House Next Door

Timmy didn't used to believe in ghosts, but he does now!
Today, Timmy hurried home from school. He was excited because his best friend,
Daniel, was coming around to his house to play, and he was bringing his new

Timmy hurried faster as he passed the old abandoned house, passed the rusty
gates with the rusty chain and huge padlock. You could barely see the dark,
gloomy house with the boarded-up windows and door, because the weeds and
brambles were so high. Two signs fixed to the gate, one saying 'FOR SALE', the
other 'KEEP OUT'. Both were old and faded with age and weather.
Timmy's house was just next door, the garden neat and tidy , the lawn mowed to
perfection. He lived there with his Mum & Dad and big sister 'Tash (Natasha). He
grabbed a biscuit from the biscuit-tin, without his Mum knowing, then rushed
upstairs to change out of his school clothes. His shoes he kicked at the wardrobe,
his bag he flung into the corner.

He heard the doorbell chime Bing Bong, mid-way through changing and
shouted, “Just a minute.” At the top of his voice. He hopped to the top of the
stairs, trying to ram his Left foot into a trainer while not falling down the stairs.
Still struggling with his shoe, he sat on the top step, as the doorbell now rang
continuously. Bing Bong,Bing Bong,Bing Bong,Bing Bong,

His sister, 'Tash, shouted, “I'll get it, Tim.' as she walked from the kitchen. 'Tash is
17, 7 years older than Timmy, and was at college studying to be a Geologist. She
adored rocks and stones. She turned the latch on the front door just as Timmy
stumbled to the bottom of the stairs. Daniel was standing there with his big
sister, Isabell, who was a friend of 'Tash's. “Hi Guys, come on in.” Said 'Tash.

'Tash and Isabell went into the kitchen while the boys dashed out into the back
garden. Daniel had brought his new drone. He placed it on the grass and
stepped back. It was shiny black plastic with a propeller in each corner. It had

flashing lights in red and blue and was also equipped with a camera.
From his backpack he pulled out a remote control unit, which he switched on.
The drone started buzzing like a swarm of angry wasps as the propellers whirred
to life. “Can I have a go ?” Said Timmy.
“Me first.” Replied Daniel. “Then you. It is my drone, not yours.”

The drone shot straight upwards like a firework, then stopped, hovering in mid-
air. “Come here Timmy, let me show you the controls. It can be quite tricky.”

Timmy stood close to Daniel, looking over his shoulder. “If you push the joystick
left, it goes left, and if you push right it goes...”
“Let me guess, it makes it go right?” Said Timmy.
“Yes, you are correct. How did you know that?”
“Oh, just a lucky guess.”
“Now, if you push it up, the drone goes up.”
“And down is for down? I think I get it now. Can I have my turn?” Said Timmy.
Daniel started to pass the remote to Timmy, but before he could, the drone
zoomed off, disappearing over the 2 metre high fence, the camera on the
remote showed it heading straight for the abandoned house next door.
Quite remarkably, it flew straight into the broken attic window before crashing.
The camera went black, they were no longer getting a picture from the drone.
“Oh no!” Said Daniel. “That cost me all my pocket money. I saved up for ever.
My Dad will be really cross with me. Come on Timmy, we have to get it back.”
“Are you kidding.” Replied Timmy. “ It's gone into next door. Nobody goes in
there. Not for years and years.”
“Why not?” Asked Daniel. “Is it haunted or something?”
“I don't believe in ghosts. It's just an old building and it could be dangerous.”
“Well, I've got to get my drone back. Are you coming with or not?”
Timmy thought for a moment then said. “I'll come, but I have to tell my sister
where we are going first.'

Daniel pushed hard against the back door of the abandoned house. Timmy was
close behind. They were both covered it scratches from fighting their way
through the brambles. Their clothes were torn and they were both covered head
to toe in mud.
The door was painted black, but most of the paint was peeled away. It moved a
few centimetres, then jammed. “Help me Timmy.” Said Daniel.
Timmy put his shoulder against the door and they both pushed together. The

door creaked and groaned on rusted hinges but opened just enough for them to
get through. They were standing in a large hallway, everywhere they looked
there were doors, leading off to other rooms. The rooms had broken furniture,
lots of dust and huge cobwebs. They were looking for the stairs. They needed to
get up to the attic.
The third from last door had a narrow staircase that twisted around as it led
upwards. Daniel went first, the steps creaking under his feet, leaving dusty
footprints on each step. The stairs ended at a door which opened out onto the
first floor landing. They stepped out, both a little scared. They could not find a
staircase up to the attic, but Timmy spotted a rope hanging from the ceiling.
“Daniel, give me a leg up, I think I will be able to reach that rope.” Said Timmy.
“What for?” Asked Daniel
“Well it's probably a loft ladder, just like the one we have at our house.” Daniel
cupped his hands and Timmy put his right foot in, and clambered up, holding
onto Daniels head. He reached as high as he could and just caught the end in his
fingers, but couldn't get a proper grip of the rope. “Just a little higher, Daniel.
I've nearly got it. Daniel stood on tip toes and heaved Timmy as high as he
could. Timmy grabbed the rope with both hands and then pulled with all his
A section of the ceiling dropped down, followed by a step ladder which unfolded
itself until it reached the floor.
Daniel tried the first rung of the ladder and it seemed strong enough, so he
started climbing, Timmy just behind him. As he reached the top and poked his
head into the attic, he was startled by a colony of bats which flew around his
head and down through the hatch and into the house, their leathery wings made
a horrible flapping and slapping noise as they went past him. Amazingly, not one
bat flew into him.
In the attic, there was just enough light coming from the broken window to light
up this end of the attic. Unfortunately, neither of them had brought a torch. The
attic was piled high with dusty boxes of all shapes and sizes. Cobwebs hung in
every nook and cranny. A cold breeze wafted down the length of the roof space.
Daniel started hunting around and quickly found his crashed drone.
“Hey Timmy, here it is. Thank goodness for that. My Dad would have been
furious. If you go back down the ladder, I'll pass it down to you. OK?”
Timmy didn't answer. He was staring into the darkness of the far end of the attic.
Something was moving down there. A hazy shape appeared in the gloom. It was
roughly human in size and form. It came out from the darkness, it's outline
sharpened until they could both see clearly that it was a man. He came closer
and they realised that they could see through him. It wasn't a man, it was a ghost

of a man.
Timmy pinched him hard on the arm. “OUCH! What did you do that for?” he
asked Timmy.
“Now we know you're not dreaming, let's get out of here.” They scrambled for
the step ladder, almost falling through the hole, crashing to the landing below.
They half crawled, half ran for the staircase, taking the steps three at a time. They
burst back out through the back door into the daylight and didn't stop running
until they reached the brambles. The brambles scratched and tore at them once
more but they hardly noticed. They clambered up the fence and fell into Timmy's
garden. They just lay there for a long time, breathing heavily. The drone was
damaged but repairable.
“Hey Timmy.” Said Daniel.
“What?” Said Timmy
“I've just got one question.”
“And what's that?”
“Now do you believe in ghosts?”

The end!

Maya Farr
Age 9 3/4

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