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The Young people from the “Drama 4 Change” group  have produced a sensitive emotive piece around Knife Crime and aggression for the Knife Angel monument against violence and aggression visiting Hereford in June. The piece will be produced as a short 10-minute film filmed by Creative Arcade  and also as a live performance. The film will be shown as part of the opening ceremony which is to be streamed live from Hereford Cathedral on the 15th of June. The live performance will be performed as part of the closing ceremony vigil on the 11th of July.

Drama 4 Change will run free to attend workshops in partnership with The Knife Angel Hereford on the 25th and 26th June through out South Wye and the City

Following watching either the Knife Angel performance or film (dependent on time of workshop) the participants will have an awareness and knowledge of the decisions affecting an individual who may perpetrate a knife crime. The participants will be making a series of creative responses within the workshop, supported by the facilitators. 


Participants will use free writing to respond to the performance/ film, they will thought track the feelings of a character with a knife in their hand. The participants will also examine a moment with two characters where they will get to try out a variety of consequences of an individual's actions with the facilitators working in role here to add to the story/experience. The workshop will end with positive messages of actions we can all take to prevent knife crime. 


Drama 4 Change productions


The “Drama for Change” group will put on a live production in October/November to showcase their work. Tickets will be sold at an affordable price. The revenue will go towards the future development of this group.

Plans for the Cracked Slipper Company

The Cracked Slipper Company are hoping to put on a Summer Scheme around a social campaign about young peoples Health and Wellbeing


We are hoping to start a new group for 16-25 year old depending on funding

If you are interested in this please submit our short survey.


The Community Pantomime

We will host our annual Pantomime in January 2022. Ticket sales and all proceeds will go to The Cracked Slipper Company and the future development of our community work.

Plans for the future include a traveling Panto/ Care homes and schools.

Little Slippers

A free to attend drama group including drama, singing and dancing for ages 5 years -10 years. Promoting story-telling through the arts. A Qualified Drama Teacher will run a class to help little ones to develop:

• Confidence
• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development.
• Expressive Arts and design

This will be showcased through performances shown to the public throughout the year whether it is a socially distanced live audience or online.


Youth Engagement Officer

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Knife Angel Hereford

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