About ONE OF OUR Pantos

Quote from review:

‘As far as thought-provoking life-lessons go, this production has them all. And they prove to be instantly empowering. By matching the issues in this story to those of the young people the two sponsored Charities- SHYPP and Strong Young Minds directly support, the characters in this version of Cinderella show us how happy you will be when you simply accept and embrace who you really are, and challenge being stereotyped.

Ella, for example, who finally stands up for herself- firmly but fairly, against the label slapped upon her of “uncouth-youth” by the evil Griselda.

The cast moves through any technical or human error which should otherwise prove cringeworthy with almost professional ease, thinking on their feet and impressively turning it into quick, good-hearted humour- quite the skill not natural to most.

When the Grand Ball arrives, I don’t think there is a little girl in the house, (including all the little girls still inside us older girls) who isn’t lost in what should be at best amateur dramatics- you’ll be completely forgiven for falling, totally immersed, in to the dancing, music and emotion of the night- bewitched by the pure joy and passion the SHYPP choir and Helen Vereker Singers bring to you’

‘…superb performance from a diverse collection of your community- all in aid of two deserving local charities- SHYPP and Strong Young Minds’

‘You’ll leave feeling warm, fuzzy, and undeniably proud of your local community’

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