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How have we made an Impact


Through creative mentoring the young people are gaining confidence and gaining new skills to be able to have more opportunities in the wider world. Our professionals are well prepared and experienced in helping young people with issues and barriers that are affecting young people and supporting the mental wellbeing of young people.


Our Aims are to help build confidence, low self-esteem, gain new skills and help young people to find their voice and reach their aspirations.

From gaining feedback from our participants during evaluation in focus groups and surveys. This is what they have told us: 











Testimonials From our Mixed Age Group

Hi, I'm Mayzie I am home schooled because of anxiety .The Drama group has meant I have found friends my own age and which I really like everyone is kind and we don't judge each other. We accept each other as we are. And our personalities and differences work well together. I feel like I belong here. Thank you .


Mayzie. Age 12

This group has really inspired me to just stand up and express myself. The group has also help me make new friends and build confidence in the performing arts. I'd love to carry on with being in this group and performing because I'd love to make people happy.



I enjoy being part of The Cracked Slipper Company. I would never have thought I had it in me to apply to a performing arts college, but The Cracked Slipper Company made me feel confident and that I was able to do better things. Now I am coming towards the end of my first-year studying performing Arts and I am in the end of year performance, Six the Musical. Thank You Cracked Slipper Company.


The Cracked Slipper Company is an amazing company I am grateful to be a part of. I feel so comfortable to just be me around everyone involved. The confidence boost has been amazing. I could have never actually imagined getting up and singing in front of an audience, yet nevertheless I got up and did it. I may not be taking drama or arts at college but participating in The Cracked Slipper Company made me confident enough to still be able to walk into the interview without feeling nervous. Thank you so much to The Cracked Slipper Company and everyone involved.



It feels Calm and fun at the Cracked Slipper Company, and you give them plenty of time to be creative and to rehearse.



The Cracked Slipper Company recognises everyone for who they are. There is a warm friendship and support in the group. We laugh a lot and value each other; happiness is key for all to feel. Love Mo alias Snow Queen




I would like to say, “ The cracked Slipper Company brings people together, and when people come together you get magic. This is because everyone can be themselves”.



The Cracked Slipper Company is like one big Happy Family.


My enjoyment and reasons for being with The Cracked Slipper Company is plentiful. It has allowed me to give something back to the community and it has impacted me in life in so many ways . I have seen it make an impact on those without a voice . More importantly, I feel valued and part of a supportive team. It allowed me to spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle and I've gained more confidence and self-esteem.





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